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Jessica Cook

Having worked in training, development and careers for 10 years now, I have a solid knowledge base on how to support young people to achieve their ambitions. This teamed with a wide network of employer contacts puts me in an advantageous position within the careers industry.

I have worked across a wide range of schools, supporting students from varying backgrounds including those who would be considered at high risk of NEET through to aspiring Oxbridge candidates. 

The first school I worked with to achieve the Gatsby Benchmarks was Swindon Academy, whom I took from meeting 1 to 6 of the 8 benchmarks in 18 months. We have two actions left before we are 100% across all 8 benchmarks. 

I have worked across 5 other schools and training providers whilst also supporting businesses working in the education space and employers to refine their careers offering. In addition to this, I sit on the board for the Education Business Partnershipdeliver apprenticeships talks & CPD for ASK and have presented on Swindon 105.5 about the changes to the Careers Industry.

I started The Careers Lady so that I could offer the best practice, knowledge and connections I have made to a wider range of schools, students and employers across Wiltshire (and beyond!). Slowly but surely, we will make the skills gap between education and employment a thing of the past.

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