How can Careers Professionals support students virtually?

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

We had it all planned out. All the inputs a student could ask for; work experience, mock interviews, careers talks, guidance preparation... Then in an 8-minute speech made by the government, everything went out the window.

We cancel. We think. We realign. We replan.

Here are some virtual careers events you can access to keep your careers offering alive whilst schools are closed:

1) Set online challenges

All schools will now be communicating with their students via an online platform, where they'll be setting homework and providing resources. Set some online challenges for your students to participate in!

2) Platform sign up

Booking IT rooms is difficult, yet suddenly, all students are on PCs and working online! Utilise this time to get them to sign up to your chosen platform. I'd recommend Career Pilot for Year 7-9 then Unifrog for Year 10 upwards (if budget allows).

3) Skills, Learner and Personality assessments

Do your students know what type of learner they are? Do they know what employability skills are? Do they know how to develop their skills? Find an online platform to suit your learners and challenge them to complete an assessment, find 3 new ways to develop their skills then redo their assessment at the end of the lockdown. Have they seen an improvement? Here's hoping!

4) Online courses

For older students, there are lots of online courses available for free via Open University. Most universities are also offering their usual events online, things like open days & student Q&A sessions in the form of webinars can help your KS5 students decide which university is right for them. UniTasterDays collates a lot of these events so all you need to do is share the website link.

5) Research projects

This is the perfect time to get students to research topics. Topical subjects such as "What is a key worker?" "What jobs haven't stopped due to lockdown and why?" Or exciting topics like "What job doesn't exist now but might in 50 years?"... Ask students to complete a report, or if they're creative they could create a vision board, on a particular topic. This would make a great board when we are back at school!

You can also think about holding staff CPD and a Parent's Q&A webinar! A lot of us have something we've not had available for years... Time.

Best Wishes,

Jess x

AKA The Careers Lady

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