NCW 2020

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

It's Friday evening after a long but rewarding National Careers Week. Vaspa continues to expand in to schools and training providers, as well as supporting businesses, across Swindon. This week was no different.

National Careers Week marked my first day with Green Labyrinth Training, supporting them to implement a new Careers and Employability programme for students, as well as a skills/at risk assessment and tracking implementation tool. The work done to support hard to reach learners at Green Lab is amazing and I feel proud to be part of their team.

At Swindon Academy, we celebrated NCW by setting a challenge! We hid 12 posters with different careers related words on that the students had to find and write down on their challenge card. All completed cards were returning to me and each student who took part received a certificate as well as being entered in to a prize draw to win a box of chocolates!

In addition to this, we also launched our new after school drop in for Year 11, 12 and 13 which was a real success and will continue for the rest of the academic year. We even have alumni and previous students asking if they can come in for support (of course, I said yes... Swindon Academy is one big family and I'd like to think that previous students always feel at home when they step back in to the building).

We ended the week with a talk from Kate Kennings, owner of Care by Kate, who spoke about her journey from refuge to being a successful business owner. This also aligned with international women's day.

I've already got a list as long as my arm of ideas for next years NCW, maybe I'll take it Swindon wide rather than just in Swindon Academy. Watch this space, a 2021 Swindon NCW challenge could be on the cards!

Over and out...


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