Partnership: Platform Project

During the February School break, The Platform Project launched their youth led digital marketing agency. I was thrilled to be asked to participate. Having worked in talent acquisition in a DM agency as well as now working in careers on the education side, I was well informed to be able to give the young people leading the project a clear brief.

I asked them to complete three tasks for my business:

1) SEO audit of my website

2) suggest paid social/PPC methods that could help me increase my social following and brand awareness

3) create a digital leaflet that I could use on various online platforms

I met with my group, three students (Shreya, Zach and Jacob) on the Tuesday. They were at three different points in their education, Shreya will be picking her GCSE subjects next year, Zach is about to sit his GCSE exams and Jacob was making the almighty decision of whether or not University is the right option. They all bought different experience and skillset to the team, which I thought worked really well.

I was surprised when I arrived for the meeting that there appeared to be no adult involvement at all (although I'm sure there was behind the scenes!). The students met me themselves, made me a cuppa and we got underway discussing my brief. The students were well prepared with questions as well as being engaged and able to ask questions as the conversation progressed. I left them with my card and continued my week, unsure of what would come of our meeting.

We caught up via video chat on Friday, the students shared a presentation with me whereby they had analysed my website/social offering, created client profiles of what they had discovered my 'ideal client' to be and given me both short and long term recommendations to improve my digital profile.

I was really impressed with the work they had completed. Dare I say, it was more impressive than some presentations I have seen in interviews! All three students have a bright future ahead of them and I wish them the best of luck.

Thank you to the Platform Project for asking me to be involved and I hope to return in the future, I'm sure your youth led digital marketing agency will go from strength to strength.

Platform Project contact: Lucas Gleed

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