Student guide to Degree Apprenticeships

There are a wide range of options available to you at the end of Year 13, this includes:

  • University

  • Degree Level Apprenticeship

  • Gap Year

  • FE or HE via a college

  • Employment

Let's explore Degree Level Apprenticeships in more detail...

Key information about Degree Apprenticeships

  • You have to have an employer and a University to complete a degree apprenticeship, you cannot do an apprenticeship course at University without an employer placement.

  • There are two ways to find an apprenticeship:

  1. Use the Government website to search and apply for employer vacancies

  2. Find an employer that wants to offer you a place and then link with a University

  • 20% of your time is at University, 80% of your time is in the workplace so it’s really important that you are able to manage your own workload.

  • You get paid to do your job and the employer pays for your degree.

  • Places are highly competitive and have been affected by COVID.

Benefits of an Apprenticeship

  • Earn while you learn

  • No student debt

  • Builds independence

  • Gives you experience of the workplace as well as your degree

  • You have all the same rights as other members of staff

  • You can move away from Swindon (Although it is less supported than going to University. For example, there is no uni halls so you have to find your own accommodation)

Applying for an Apprenticeship

There is no set deadline like there is for your UCAS application, you have to be proactive and regularly check the Government apprenticeship website and individual employer websites.

The interview process will be different with every employer. You need to make sure you have good interview preparation techniques and skills in place ready for this.

There is lots more guidance and advice on the Amazing Apprenticeship Website. One of my favourite features is time to apply which tells you when lots of the big national employers open and close their apprenticeship applications.

If you need support with your application, speak to the careers team at your college or sixth form.

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