Student guide to University

There are a wide range of options available to you at the end of Year 13, this includes:

  • University

  • Degree Level Apprenticeship

  • Gap Year

  • FE or HE via a college

  • Employment

Let's explore University in more detail...

Key information about University

  • If you are currently taking A Levels, you are currently studying for your Level 3 qualifications, by going to university, you have the option to complete your L5 Foundation Degree, L6 Bachelors Degree and/or Level 7 Masters Degree.

  • On average, someone with a Level 6 degree earns £12,000 more per year than someone without a degree.

  • It costs £9,250 to go to University but YOU DO NOT PAY THIS. The government do and you pay them back, but not until after University when you are earning £26,575 per year.

  • You can chose to live at University or live at home and commute in. You can also do Open University Courses where you complete all the work from home. There is an option for everyone.

Benefits of University

  • You get to study a subject you love for 4 years.

  • You can pick a course that allows you to do a year placement within a company or study abroad. This is called a Sandwich course.

  • It provides a support way to move out of Swindon!

  • You have the opportunity to meet and study with people from all over the world.

  • The university will have connections with employers all over the World, giving you access to more opportunities.

  • You get to live independently.

  • There are no barriers to attending, anyone can apply and get their degree

Applying to University

  • You apply to University using the UCAS (University and Colleges Admissions Service) Platform

  • You can pick 5 Universities/Courses to apply to

  • You need a personal statement (4000 characters about you and why you want to do the course)

  • The application deadline is 15th January to start university the following September. If you are applying to medicine, dentistry, vet med or any course at Oxford or Cambridge, the deadline is October the year before the September you wish to start. These courses also require an admissions test.

  • If you are applying to any of the above courses or any healthcare, social work or teaching profession, you will also need to attend an interview with the University.

If you are studying at College or Sixth Form, they will support you with your university application. Alternatively, you can start your own research. There is more information on how to do this using my student guide on how to pick the right university and course.

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