Student guide to Gap Years

There are a wide range of options available to you at the end of Year 13, this includes:

  • University

  • Degree Level Apprenticeship

  • Gap Year

  • FE or HE via a college

  • Employment

Let's explore Gap Years in more detail...

Key Information about Gap Years

  • Gap Years are great if you want to travel, volunteer and gain some life experience for going to University or entering the workplace.

  • They can be expensive so having savings or being willing to work during your gap year (even if this is abroad) is important.

  • There are lots of companies to exist to support you with planning and going on a successful gap year, these include:

Gap Year | Prospects | Gap Year 360 | Camp America - there are lots, Google to find more!

Applying for a Gap Year

You can apply through one of the companies on the previous page or plan your gap year independently

Here are some resources that may help:

How to plan a gap year

Gap Year ideas

Staying Safe during a gap year

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